I have debts – how can I get rid of them?

Debts are a difficult matter. One loan is not a problem, but several loans, and sometimes more, is a huge complication – if the loans exceed fifty percent of the income of a person then the problem begins.

This is a fatal solution for every person. This difficult situation must not be allowed to happen. What to do if you get into debt? You can’t hide your head in the sand like an ostrich, but you must look for good solutions. Otherwise, debts will cause many problems and may even lead to bankruptcy and, for example, loss of ownership.

Is your debt time-barred?

Is your debt time-barred?

Debts expire after seven years, then you can not repay them. However, if they are relatively new debts, they must be covered. Check carefully at https://mamdlugi.pl/.

Check if you’re really in debt

Sometimes someone asks for a refund, and in fact, the debt no longer exists. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the debt is real and that someone is not trying to prey on the naivety and ignorance of the person. The creditor must prove that the debt exists and not the debtor.

This is a very important matter and you must remember that. How to check if a debt exists? You must request a loan agreement. If the company evades, looks for excuses, this should raise suspicion. You must not carelessly recognize the debt.

A person who deems a debt must pay it back and there is no way to stop such repayments. The payment of one repayment means recognition of the entire debt – this must also be kept in mind.

A debt repayment order may be withdrawn

A debt repayment order may be withdrawn

Sometimes someone has a debt that is not repaid because all documents are sent to an old, outdated address. Often, the debt goes to e-court and repayment requests begin. What to do in this situation? It is necessary to hire a lawyer and ask him to clarify such a case.

It may turn out that the debt has expired, and the person or company that bought the debt is trying to get back the money it no longer has. You should not pay off such debt hastily. It is better to pay a lawyer a few hundred zlotys than to start paying off several thousand zlotys.

Watch out for debt collectors

Do not immediately provide all data to the debt collector at once, because it is a signal to him that a person is a naive person, that he is ready to quickly repay such an obligation.

When the debt exists, talk about a settlement

When the debt exists, talk about a settlement

If the debt exists, is large and there is not enough money to pay it back, it is worth starting to negotiate and reach a settlement. Settlements are different:

  • Installment with equal installments and interest rate;
  • Installment with the amortization of interest;
  • One-time repayment
  • Installment with interest suspension;
  • Repayment with partial debt cancellation, i.e. debt purchase.

You can negotiate the settlement yourself, but you can also negotiate such a lawyer. Please note that redemption is income. Therefore, you must pay tax on the decommitted amount. If you are not sure how to deal with debts, which are many, then learn more about consolidation.

This consolidation is very good because it allows you to lower installments and interest rates. What is a consolidation? It is a combination of several loans into one loan – spread over time and with lower installments. It is easier to pay one installment than to have several installments to pay.